Church Membership- Stephen the Levite


Listen, this is written for long term visitors/ non-committers who get the word, but never get to work/ at least not in conjunction with a church/ they stay away and say they afraid of getting hurt// but pain is never excuse for disobedience/ church wasn’t created to cater to your convenience/ And God didn’t give you gifts to be greedy with/ mission without the church is missing a main ingredient// I know I rushed in without much of an introduction/ but membership is what we’re discussin’/ committing to a community through a cov’nant/ and doing the ‘one another’s of scripture with brethren// (membership!) it actually happens at salvation/ but practically it happens in active participation/ if 1 is a fact then 2 the demonstration/ for the maturing Christian nothing should separate them// If 1 is the truth, then number 2 is the proof/ if it’s aloof, then number 1 is a lion without a tooth/ If not the elect, who’s inspecting your fruit?/ Just a select group of heads from your crew? (that’s not a test dude!)// It’s more like a bad science experiment/ with no control groups in the lab and bias experiences/ It’s foolish to laugh denyin’ it’s serious/ when the only proof that you have is kinda mysterious//

Hook: This may be bold to say/ but if you’re not a part of a church, how do you know that you’re saved?/ the chances are you’re prob’ly not a bit/ the objective evidence is sayin’ the opposite// A body without biblical membership/ is sick, and their health depends on them getting’ it/ so though you claim to be in it kid, please consider this/ if you is, then show us (How you livin’ it?)//

We live in the days of the consumer/ shopping’s a coveted skill and bloggers write reviews up/ no one commits, people leave when they choose ’cause/ ain’t nobody tryin’ to be tied down, with too much// labor only lasts as long their passions/ cats dip sayin’ they feel bad with no sadness/ they want the good stuff without the attachments/ like friends with benefits of the ecclesial fashion// playin the church like the girls that you date then/ you criticize her like you’re Seinfeld (or Satan!)/(explain) You sit in the back makin’ your accusations/ but you ain’t willin’ to aid in her sanctification?!// (hypocrite.) I know that I’m gettin’ a little hype but/ you gotta understand the church was purchased by Christ’s blood/ And if Levi got jealous for Dinah/ of course the Levite’s gon’ be zealous for the Bride cuz// we see that Haggai and Zechariah/ were willin’ to work wit Israel, not just prophesy stuff/ You can check for yourself in Ezra 5:1/ then wrestle with verse 2 until you’re ready to die (What!?)//(Yup) I didn’t stutter, you heard me right bruh/ dyin’ is the price for being up in the cypha/ It’s all or nothin’, cat’s are puttin’ their life up/ but you be isolated like you don’t even like us//


Membership is not a check in a box/ or an altar call response when the sermon is hot, it’s/ privileges bought with His blood on the cross/ and it separates the flock from the world that is lost kid/ membership is being a part of the body/ but how can you be a body part when apart from the body?/ (and furthermore) How could you possibly think it’s godly/ when God is 1, or even 3 in 1, but He’s not 3?!/ I know the reality’s universal/ but practically it has to be tangible to the world too/ so how do we gather to spur the virtues/ when our anatomy has been scattered throughout the Earth dude?// the local church has entered the picture/ the form of the assembly most mentioned scripture/ this is what you were given spiritual gifts for/ to Voltron with a squad and add your steez to the mixture// They’re also the tools used to fix ya/ iron sharpens iron, sparks flyin’, it’s sick stuff/ but don’t try to punk out when it gets rough/ Satan’s like a roaring lion tryin’ to vic’ ya// He’s waitin’ for you faint when it gets tough/ straggle at the back of the flock and you might be his lunch/ Or maybe you’ll prove you were never His bruh/ 1 John 2:19 homie, you with us?//


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