Who I am? A child of God. Who I am? I am a sinner. Who I am? I am a new creation, saved by the precious blood of Christ.

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1

Why do I live?  To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

What is in my heart today, this moment? What am I captivated by? Where does my affection go?  What am I bothered by and why? What kind of thought pattern do I have? What is my attitude towards sin in my life and other’s? When God convicts me of my sin, do I immediately come to Him in repentance? What does my mind rest on (especially during the most ordinary tasks of the day?) What are my priorities? Where do I devote my energy?  What do I anticipate? What do I expect? Do I act on the truth that all is well, everything is made perfect? Am I excited about God’s plan for my life and others? Did I forget that today is not my day and tomorrow is not my day, that my life is not my own? How did I spend money? Did I selectively, conditionally love? Did I pass quick judgment on someone’s appearance, motives, and words? How am I spending time right now? Did I lazily put things off? Does my lifestyle and attitude towards work reflect God’s love? Did I exemplify Christlike behavior and love towards my relationships with strangers (including fellow drivers on road), friends, co-workers, church members (all those locally living close to me and those who are far away)? Did I treat all men as brothers in Christ? Am I drawing attention to myself or God when I converse with them? Did I act as if people’s opinion and acceptance matter more than God’s? Am I more concerned over outer beauty than spending time cultivating the true beauty of godliness, of having meekness and quietness in spirit?   Did I acknowledge God’s sovereignty and His goodness by living with peace and confidence instead of worry and fear? Was I ever proud, lacking in humility? Did what I listen (music, youtube clips, podcasts), what I read (magazine articles, online articles, blogs, news, fiction/non-fiction books), and what I watch (movie, drama, t.v. show, youtube clips), glorifying to God? Are any of what I listne, read, and watch, taking my heart’s affection deciding for me what I should desire and aspire towards? Am I reaching out to fellow Christian friends and believers? Do we have accountability? Do I know that having to remember to ask myself these questions are all entirely by the Holy Spirit and the beautiful, relentless love of Christ that will forever pursue me, discipline me, shelter me, and guide me? Am I in awe of God’s unconditional love and grace because even after asking myself all these questions, I realize that I will always somehow fail, but that ultimate faithfulness was never mine, but God’s? that my failures can never ever ever be greater than God’s grace…


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