Laziness- Leslie Ludy (March/April 2011 Issue)

“When prayer is missing from our life and we are controlled by sleep and laziness, we spend countless time and energy trying to make our life work , constantly failing and beating our head against the wall in frustration. But as it says in Psalm 1, when we mediate upon our Lord day and night, we become like a tree that brings forth much fruit– and everything that we do just works. Our time is multiplied. Our energy is multiplied. Life becomes fruitful instead of frustrating.

Discipline is not something that can be gained in one night. It requires faithful training, dedication, and consistency. It requires an infusion of the enabling grace of God. And it takes faith to believe that change is possible-” by the power that worketh in us.” When we are willing to run the race with patience, the rewards are off-the-charts amazing. A life built around our Prince is the most fulfilling life we could ever imagine. And there is no other way to find it but to die- that we might truly live.”


Books to read:

Discipline; the Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot

Freedom from the tyranny of the urgent by Charles Hummel





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